Help sellers design or develop new products

If you need to design new products or develop new products, we have more than 10 years of product development experience and professional team; We have helped North American merchants to develop dozens of products; Please contact us for services and assistance


Customized service

We can meet customers' customized needs for products, use features, differentiation and packaging, etc


Supply Chain Services

Our products involve garden tools, garden machinery, agricultural machinery, etc., covering plastic parts, rubber parts, hardware, die casting and stamping parts, etc.  We have more than 15 years of supply chain experience, involving thousands of various processing plants, can provide you with professional services


Financing Services

For strategic customers with good reputation and long-term cooperation, we can provide financial and capital support to develop and progress together


Multi-variety small quantity mixed order service

We do not only do a large number of product orders for single products, in order to meet the needs of small and medium-sized merchants, we will properly prepare some hot selling products inventory, you can choose a small number of products mixed purchase according to your needs


Door-to-door transportation service

We have a number of good cooperation freight forwarders, shipping outlets in every port on five continents, can quickly deliver goods near your home, guarantee delivery time and quality, control freight costs and provide smooth customs clearance service


Agent for our products and brand services

If you have enough confidence and sales channels, you can act as our core products in the local market agent or get exclusive rights.



OEM, ODM and OBM are available


Act as purchasing agent for customers

As a developer, manufacturer and supplier with 15 years of experience, we have a good understanding of China's raw material and finished product market. If you cannot come to China to see the factory in person to purchase other goods that are not our company, you can choose us as your purchasing agent to help you successfully complete the procurement task, we can report the progress and provide production visualization services.

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OEM ODM are available !

Ningbo Eastar Electromechanical Industrial Trading Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and dealer for garden tool, Chainsaw, lawn Tractor, agriculture machinery, snow blower spare parts and their aftersales services.We produce and resell OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPTMENT MACHINERY PART like Air filter, oil filter, Fuel Pump, fuel filter, fuel hose, carburetor, blade, trimmer line, trimmer head, recoil starter, Cylinder Piston kit, Starter Motor, Saw Chain, Guide Bar, Chain saw Grinder, Chain File,Pulley & Idle, Electric PTO clutch, Mandrels Quills, Spindle Housing Shaft Assembly, V Belt, Hex Kevlar V Belt, Starter Motor &Electric PTO Clutch & Solenoid Switch,